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Company’s tenet

Bluelight believes:

All things in their being are good for something;

where there is a will, there is a way.

Bluelight observes:

An open policy in recruiting able people with virtue.

Bluelight permits:

Success co-exists with failure; competition accompanies surpassing.

Bluelight adores:

honesty, frankness, devotion, high efficiency within professional dedication

Credibility is the basis and promise is the core.

Bluelight promotes:

understanding and respect, trust and honesty;

One should be an virtious man before becoming a succesful enterpreneur.

Bluelight considers:

Money is not everything, it tempts; but the career attracts.

Bluelight highlights:

integrating image, morality and credibility;

be an honest person and be a wise businessman.

Bluelight trusts:

Unity,  self-disciplineunion, matter-of -fact attitude and devotion to cause;

being philanthropic and curing the diseased and helping the poor.

Bluelight pursues:

professionalism, achievement and superiority;

stock-distributing, grouplization and internationalization.

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