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Health Sharing
:#000000;">3. Delivering to big pharmacies, large department stores and the own counters of medicine & health-care products in shopping centers;
4. Participating in suited trade fairs;
5. Selling directly by salesmen and organized tours to propagandize and sell in blocks (block pharmacies), activity centers for the elderly, beadhouses and houses for the retired leaders;
6. Selling by TV shopping and mail-order (put advertisements on newspapers and magazines);
7. Using Internet to receive on-line orders;
8. Being the welfare materials that institutions and state-owned enterprises provide to senior staff, or the souvenirs that the bureaus of retired leaders in enterprises and committees of retired staff give to the retired staff;
9. Recommending to doctors in clinics and the physiotherapy departments in hospitals for sale;
10. Presenting as prizes and souvenirs through sponsoring the matches and activities just for middle-aged and old people and the host give to them.

The Product Guarantee
In addition to strict checks of the company's quality control system and the strict inspection of the corresponding quality testing department and State Quality Management Section, we only have a speech: Our products promise of Three unconditional Obligations (of returning, changing, repairing) to both of the dealers and customers if they are unqualified.

The Supports from Bluelight
You enter the door of Bluelight, we will be a whole family. The Bluelight Company will give full supports to you.

a??The monopoly in your own region
You can choose a region according to your own conditions, and the Bluelight Company will guarantee your monopoly in your own region with a series of measures. The company will offer you the plan of marketing operation with a full range of information according to your local market conditions.

a??The free training
The company will provide regular free training to dealers. The company employs experts, professors and marketing lecturers to give the training of specialized treatment and marketing.

a??The professionals sent by the company
The company will establish marketing branches in many places in China and send a lot of experienced professionals to instruct and assist the dealers to operate.

a??The brand support
The company will put on advertisements through many broadcasting stations and television stations, which provides the Bluelight brand support to the dealers in each place.

a??The government support
The Bluelight industry is a green industry whose development is strongly supported by the government and people from all walks of life in society; it has provided a powerful guarantee for the development of Bluelight.

Each dealer is an inalienable part of the Bluelight Company, and each dealer's enterprise as well as the company will develop fast with steady steps by continuous development and releases of follow-up products.

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