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Popularize High-tech in the World, Bring Happiness to All Families
Kinds:Outstanding articles   Time:26/09/2010   By:Bao Zhida

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I was a primary school teacher, subject to the profession for years, I have suffered from severe cervical spondylosis. Especially for my old wife, who began to suffer from the heart disease when she was only over 20 years old, and later added a stomach illness, hepatitis, spinal hypertrophy, senile vaginitis, and other dozen or more obstinate diseases, once stayed in hospital for several times which charged nearly ten thousand Yuan for medicine. Usually there were several medicine kits; especially for Fast-acting Heart Rescue Pills, she always brought them along with her. I was no exception. Besides taking the medicine I also drank the medicated wines of nearly a thousand Yuan. But all these have not solved the fundamental problems.


In December, 2000, I heard the "Voice of Bluelight Health" from Hubei Broadcasting Station; I didn't pay attention to it at first because there were all kinds of advertisements of the physical therapeutic instruments in the market that we couldn't distinguish the reality and we were afraid of being cheated. By then there was an old patient in my village who suffered from the serious rheumatism with the tumescent joints in the whole body and numb hands and feet, however, he became much better after he had used Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus. I was moved at that time he came to my home to borrow the telephone for a call to Professor Zhou to feed back and consult with gratitude. Then I went to the Bluelight exclusive store in Shashi and bought my first Luxury Intelligent Type Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus on the second day.


According to the main points of "Health Treatment Guide" and the experts' instruction, I decided first to start the treatment from my old wife's cervical spondylosis and spinal hypertrophy. After a treatment course, the miracle appeared: Her neck was once stiff and the waist once couldn't bend with the necessary pounding on the back for several hours before sleep every evening, but these have all disappeared. The initial success made we especially surprised and pleasant, then we followed up the success to use all kinds of weapons of the Eight-Diagram Apparatus with each tactic to comprehensively attack to more than ten kinds of stubborn illness on my wife.


Every day we persisted in the hand and foot reflection electromagnetism therapy and used the electromagnetism contactor, the paste and the massage shoes to fight side-by-side against the illness. Furthermore, we drunk the activated water three times a day; my wife's illness was completely cured with such a treatment for 2 months! The former medicine kits turned to be the Bluelight apparatus box. Because the magnificent success, I bought the second Numeral Type Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus in Shashi in the second year, then the Magnetism Therapeutic Calming Pillow, Muyu Stone Health-care Cup and Eye-massaging Patch etc. a series of Bluelight products. Therefore, all of my chronic diseases were permanently cured. In order to get far away from illness, I still persist in consolidating the treatment and the health-care with the apparatus every day.


My wife is a local well-known patient for her illness, so her recovery has startled many neighbors and other patients. One of my cousins suffered from a serious lumbar intervertebral disc disease; once stayed in bed for more than 10 days, who had used various drugs but in vain. I treated him for a treatment course, he was then half recovered. He thought the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus was great, so he bought one for himself. Besides, the wife of a friend of mine, who almost determined to commit suicide in the lower-back pain, and I treated her for three times with the apparatus, then her pain had changed greatly for the better. Her son knew it later, so he bought one, too. There are a total of 19 people in my village who bought Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus through my indroduction, including the old former Party Branch Secretary. I also bought three for my distant relatives, and sent them to Yidu and Changyang. They all said that Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is the family skilled doctor of cream of the crop.


I am truly a bluelight beneficiary. In the past four years, I have fed back for more than ten times to the general manager of Bluelight Mr. Luo, Director Zhou and other experts successively, and I sincerely thank the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus, the inventor General Manager Luo Bang, Director Zhou's first-class courses and all the staff's service attitude of the Bluelight Company. I have recorded the experts’ instruction and patients’ good experience in a big notebook for several years. Through the practice and summarizing for many years, I think we must achieve Four Persistence, Five Engraving and Three Combination if we want to use Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus well:


1. Four Persistence:

(1) Persisting in acupoint treatment, which is the key in curing various diseases;

(2) Persisting in soaking hands and feet, which is the guarantee of physical fitness;

(3) Persisting in drinking activated water, which is a fundamental adjuvant therapy;

(4) Persisting in listening to"Voice of Bluelight Health", which is the guideline of curing and preventing diseases.


2. We must study constantly, innovate constantly and summarize constantly in order to make good use of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus. We must engrave five laws in finding acupoints and treating diseases:

(1) Treating on Zusanli for abdominal diseases;

(2) Treating on Weizhong for waist pain;

(3) Treating on Hegu for head and ENT diseases;

(4) Treating on Neiguan and Waiguan for heart palpitation;

(5) Treating on Ashi for partial pain.


3. We must also achieve Three Combination when treating diseases:

(1) Combining treating diseases with doing more exercises and enhancing physical fitness;

(2) Combining treating diseases with restrained diet and balanced nutrition;

(3) Combining treating diseases with healthy refreshing and psychological balancing.


The publishment of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is the concrete embodiment of the concept of recent scientific development, which is a high-tech product. It has made a tremendous contribution for the country in reducing the expenditure of public health service, and especially in improving the people's health, the society's harmony with its vital role. I trust in Bluelight firmly, thank Bluelight, follow Bluelight in my lifetime, propagandize Bluelight forever, and wish Bluelight products spread over the nation, transmit all over the world, win honor for the motherland, and benefit throughout the ages. I wish that Bluelight could change into the god light and illuminate the whole world forever.


Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus,

Treats an illness and health cares to be really mysterious;

Not taking medicine or giving an injection,

The green therapy cures stubborn illness;

It is Safe, economical and convenient,

Brings happiness to the young and old in the whole family;

It is a high-tech fruit of science and technology development,

Just what is really needed in a harmonious society.

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