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The Bluelight Apparatus Is Magical in Treating and Preventing Diseases
Kinds:Outstanding articles   Time:26/09/2010   By:Wan Xieshan

Author: Wan Xieshan     Male     64-year-old     ID Card: 420124421226003


Address: 90-8 Zhongheli, Chengguan, Xinzhou District, Wuhan


I had a stroke 8 years ago and suffered from hypertension. My blood pressure kept high in instability after I had finished the treatment in hospital. It could be 200 mmHg with frequent headaches and congestive eyes. My resistance was low, so I often caught a cold, which was really suffering! Endless medicine, vexed heart and weak physique. I have calculated my remained living days in silence for years, and I was extremely low-spirited.


I heard the Professor Zhou's lecture programs of "Voice of Bluelight" on the radio, then I bought a set of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus for a try in the store in Xinzhou with a thought of "inexpensiveness and convenience". I fulfilled Four Insistings to treat on the points according to the directions: Insisting on listening to "Voice of Bluelight" lectures; Insisting on treating according to Operational Manual Applied to Bluelight for Health; Insisting on soaking the hands and feet; Insisting on drinking the activated water. The time does not lose the person with high aspirations, The professor Zhou said,this apparatus combined China traditional therapy manner,that is,acupuncture,rubbing,beating,massage,Guasha,knocking,Baguan,kneading together.I felt obvious relaxation after I had used Bluelight for half a month.


This strengthened my confidence. Through the treatment of Bluelight in three years without injection or medication, my blood pressure turned normal, dizziness disappeared, congestive eyes turned better, cervical disease was cured, the stiff neck could move freely, prostatitis was cured, frequent-micturition, precipitant urination, endless urination and acontractile detrusor were all removed, cold almost never appeared and coughs got away. All in all, my physique has been improved. I am vigorous now, so I don't feel tired when going up and down the stairs.


I have got two pleasant surprises in the course of treating by Bluelight: The first one is that my long-term heloma was cured by soaking the feet. I am free from care now when walking with the feet in shoes. The second one is that my rough hands became smooth by soaking the hands. The backs of my hands would peel layer by layer repeatedly in past falls, which was very ugly. But they were cured and didn't peel in this year, and my senile plaques on the backs of hands faded away, too.


I met two old colleagues I haven't met for years in the street last month, and they spoke in one voice to me that I became healthy and younger and I didn't appeared old in spite of the passing of years, who was similar to the one spiritually they saw 20 years ago. I told them happily that my present health was owing to the Bluelight Apparatus which was really good.


My experience is six "withouts": 1. You can benefit from it for a decade once you have bought the Bluelight Apparatus which is economical without sequel expense. 2. You can use it safely without injection or medication and side effects. 3. You don’t have to go to hospital to see a doctor with it, which is convenient for treatment without trouble. 4. You can obtain its good curative effect to take effect quickly without bearing the long tortures from serious illness. 5. You can insist on the treatment to dredge the channels for treating and keeping fitness, which is beneficial without harm. 6. You can enjoy good after-sale service without trouble back at home.

I wish Blueligt-the star in the trade of medical apparatus could shine forever!

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