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"Magic Box" Shows "Magic Effect"
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It is a long road for treatment,

I meet Eight-Diagram Apparatus.

Neither injection nor medication,

It shows “magic effect” in treating.

These are the true words from my heart which flow out of my happy feeling as my illness has been cured. These are the real reflection of my hope from desperation.

I am a teacher in a rural primary school. As I look back to my long road for treatment, I feel it is very bitter.


When I was young, I knew little about male health and paid little attention to it. I thought I could eat and drink and I was strong, so there couldn't be any disease on me. So, I paid little attention to the phenomenon that I got more urine all day. After married, I got endless urine. My trousers were always wet, and it made me very awkward. What is more frightened, as I went to bed in a tired condition every night, I had to get up to urinate every hour. If I didn’t do it, I would feel my lower abdomen was in intolerable swelling. There were 5-6 times for a night in this way. It affected my sleep and led to neurasthenia. I was out of heart all day and spoke without enough strength. This was in 1996, and I was just 33 years old then.

As I was poor, I could only go to a small hospital nearby for treatment. The vice-president was a famous traditional Chinese physician. He diagnosed me as male "chronic prostatic inflammation" without hesitation. Based on his prescription, I had the herbs for a month, but there was no effect. I lost the confidence on him and began to get infatuated with TV commercials. I paid special attention to the ads of "Treating Chronic Prostatic Inflammation". I took many kinds of pills but resulted in nothing.

My wife was very worried and cried in tears. She decided to help cure my disease regardless of money.


In March, 1999, I came to the Jingshan County Hospital. I knew that there was a "prostatic department" on the third floor of the hospital. So I was very happy and went to it. I become extremely happy when I got to know that a Professor Wang from Wuhan had come to be on duty. The professor looked like a learned man. After I told him about my case, he performed a test of "prostatic liquid" for me, and the laboratory test report said: leukocyte "+++", lecithin corpuscles "+". Professor Wang diagnosed it as "moderate chronic prostatic inflammation" immediately. Afterwards, I asked him in anxiety "I heard you are a famous professor so I came, would you tell me whether my disease can be cured?" He answered "As long as you lay down the mental burden and treat it according to my instruction, the chronic prostatic inflammation can be cured." I was led by him to spend more than 2,000 yuan and take injections for ten days and some medicine, but the result was still disappointing.

I became angry and red-faced and went to the hospital to talk about it, but Professor Wang had gone. I found some doctors and nurses, but they said "You didn't hear what Professor Wang had said clearly. Chronic prostatic inflammation can only be improved in symptoms, but it is to recur, and yours could be recurred.”

Having no choice, I had to go home in a dejected way. I thought for a while, and I decided to go to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan for a try.

In October, 1999, I went to Tongji Hospital for treatment. I had had much medicine and spent a lot of money, but my disease was still hard to be cured.

I was disappointed and despaired. I saw some cases on some newspapers that chronic prostatic inflammation can lead to a series of complications, and I saw that an over 30-year-old man had died of chronic prostatic inflammation in my village with my own eyes. These made me fearful all day.


In February, 2000, I heard that there were some therapeutic apparatus for treating chronic prostatic inflammation from the radio programs, and I bought 3 sets in sequence, but they all turned out to be no effect. Those wonder drug bags couldn’t show their wonder on me. The celebrated health products of “briefs” I had tried were all actually false.

I tossed and turned restlessly when all is quiet in the dead of night. I thought I couldn't resign myself to my fate. Those sets of apparatus with drug bags were all ineffective, but "Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus" on the radio had no drug bags, why didn't I have a try? Moreover, I had spent so much money, I cared no more. For giving it a try, I bought a luxury type of "Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus" worth 368 yuan in the Bluelight store in Jingshan County Town on 2001-11-3. The low could create a magic curative effect. It was really magic after using it.


Under the instruction of Professor Jiang from the Bluelight Company, I insisted on the treatment 3 times a day on 2 groups of points every time. The first group: Using the treating shoes. I put the shoes on my lower abdomen. I put one of them straightly on the Zhongji and Guanyuan points for 3-5 minutes every time. The second group: Using the electromagnetic contactor. I put a contactor on my perineum and another contactor on my root of penis for 3-5 minutes every time. It took effect after a month. After three months, my symptoms of frequent micturition, urgent urination and endless urination were completely disappeared, and my sexual function turned normal. I insist on some physiotherapy now. My chronic prostatic inflammation has disappeared completely, and I even haven’t caught a cold.


The family members have seen the changes happened on me. They praise Bluelight profusely and they like it so much that they cannot bear to part with it, and they do the physiotherapy with it often in leisure. It can not only improve the physique but also prevent the illness. It can be said that we need not to worry about diseases with the "magic box".

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