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Bluelight pain relief for the Green Treatment Cured Stubborn Diseases Miraculously
Kinds:Outstanding articles   Time:26/09/2010   By:Yan Hongli

Bluelight pain relief for the Green Treatment Cured Stubborn Diseases Miraculously

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 I was hurt in the waist by a sand burden carelessly in 1950 as a primary school student. The waist disease has been on me since then for decades. I had much Chinese and western medicine, I even tried some folk prescriptions for treating it. But the effect is little.



As the modern science develops continuously, there have been many types of therapeutic apparatus. I had listened to "Voice of Bluelight" for more than one year, and I decided to buy "Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus" finally. There are 5 reasons in the following:


1 It is a high-tech product which integrates modern electronics, magnet therapy and traditional Chinese medical theory;

2. It has complete 8 therapeutic functions;

3. It cures the inside diseases through the outside treatment without injection and medication;

4. The whole family can benefit from it for many years;

5. It is the pure green treatment without medicine and drug bags, which is safe without side effects.


I bought a BL-E type of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus by mail on 2001-3-16 for treating my cervical diseases mainly. I insist on the treatment 3 times a day according to the 61-65 items on page 42 and page 43 of the treatment guide. There were not many important changes in the first two months, but the miracle happened in the third month finally: My cervical vertebra could move freely, and I felt relaxed of the whole body. There was even an unimaginable result: There was only 30% of my right eye that could see, the rest 70% could not; while I treated my cervical diseases, the part of my right eye that could see extended to be 70%, the rest that could not see only contracted to be 30%. Now, I am insisting on the treatment, the sight of my right eye is turning better gradually.


In the second half of 2002, there was a lump appeared on the left side of my buttocks. It was in a thumb's size. Though it was not painful or itchy, but I felt very uncomfortable when sitting. The Chinese physician told me to pay no attention to it, but the oncologist told me to take an operation immediately. I treated on the Ashi point by Bluelight Apparatus for two months. The lipoma disappeared completely.


I used to sleep for one or two hours every night when losing sleep. I tossed and turned restlessly in bed overnight but couldn't fall asleep. So I treated on the Anmian, Fengchi, Shimian points and insisted on soaking feet. My agrypnia was improved soon in 20 days. I can fall asleep quickly now and the quality is very good.


I had suffered from mixed hemorrhoids for more than 20 years. In the twelfth month of the lunar year of 2003, I was unable to sit down or sleep at ease because of the archoptosis brought by tiredness. I cleaned it with PP powder, then treated on the Changqiang, Huiyin points. It contracted back in 3 days, and I insisted on the treatment for over 40 days, it has never recurred.


Formerly, I couldn't have fluid food in the evening. Even for having some dry food, I had to urinate for 3 or 4 times at night, and the urine was bifurcated and delayed. I insisted on the treating on the Qihai, Zhongji, Guanyuan (by treating shoes), and Huiyin points. After 3 months, I would get up to urinate for only one time even though I had fluid food in the evening.


There were two small blains appeared on the lower gingiva in my mouth. I treated on the Xiaguan, Xiache, Hegu, Ashi points by Bluelight Apparatus. Now, the blains are disappeared.

When using the Bluelight Apparatus for treatment, I pay attention to the following points for improving the curative effect:


1. Trusting the reliable curative effect of Bluelight Apparatus 100% to turn on the physiological and psychological switches for receiving the electromagnetic information in an unimpeded way;

2. Treating perseveringly with willpower;

3. Spending enough time to insist on the treatment for 3 times a day, health-care 2 times in the morning and evening and treatment on hands and feet;

4. A rational diet for supplementing energy;

5. Drinking 3000ml activated water every day;

6. Insisting on appropriate exercises for providing fresh air to improving blood circulation;

7. Treating 30%, recuperating 70%;

8. Insisting on listening to the lectures on the radio consulting with the experts on tour for getting the timely instruction.


As I told my own experience to my relatives and friends, they have bought more than 10 sets in sequence. They felt very satisfied with the effect, and they all told the same story to praise Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus. Good curative effect is the real truth!


I wrote a piece of doggerel in the end:

Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus,

Green treatment is really miraculous,

Without medication or injection,

The miraculous effect can cure stubborn diseases!

There are complete eight functions,

It is the No. 1 family doctor.

Grateful to the wonderful Bluelight staff,

Bring benefit to all people, that's great!


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