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Bluelight pain relief Preface: Being a Man Who Understands Gratefulness, Then He Can Really Do Things with Kindness
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Bluelight pain relief Preface: Being a Man Who Understands Gratefulness, Then He Can Really Do Things with Kindness
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Health is the first treasure of human beings.


Health is a perfect state in physical, spiritual and social layers.


Only with health, our life could be meaningful, and our living valuable.


Over a hundred years, the medical circles in every country have made great contribution to the human health. Especially with the emergence of medicine, the pain of patients has been eased, and the life span of human beings has been enlarged. However, medicine can treat illness, but also can cause illness. The astonishing harm of the medicine has become a formidable enemy in the course of treating chronic diseases. More and more people realize the injury to the human body caused by poisonous side effects of medicine: Many people have been taking medicine for a long time, and they have harmed their own internal organs, which always results in pernicious reaction; some of them even died of it. The agitating "PPA Incident" that happened a few years ago is still remembered clearly by people; The astonishing case of the 2nd Pharmacy of Qiqihaer making the fake medicine……countless families were torn apart because of it. But the harm of medicine is far more than these, to be of abhorrence more, there are many outlaws who trap and harm common people through making and selling fake medicine to them with various tricks but without conscience and regardless of the people’s lives…… A great many patients and their families appealed to the society and government persistently: Making and selling fake medicine is extremely harmful; it must be completely eliminated!


Furthermore, bacteria and virus can produce drug resistance to long-term medication. The emergence of medical apparatus with drug bags brings a ghost of hope to patients. However, by the advertisement and exaggeration in the media, the illegal sellers take the advantage to use the medical apparatus that utilizes medicine and drug bags to lure the urgent patients who would turn to any doctor they can find to fall into the bottomless abyss of long-term expenditure of medicine and drug bags with the use of the tinpot galenical bags that the sellers have made underground, and the tinpot galenical bags can actually have no help to illness or even make it more serious. The heavy economic and spiritual burden as well as painful lessons forced people to seek for a non-pharmaceutical treatment without any later expenditure.


Advocated by WHO, Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine, Hubei College of Traditional Medicine and many other authoritative bodies and experts in common, the non-pharmaceutical therapy of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus has been widely applied. As the saying goes: It must be taken a decade to whet a sword, then he can fight with its keenness. From the emergence of the first generation of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus about ten years ago to the eighth generation of “Yidiantong” Diagnosis Therapeutic Apparatus that came into the market successfully on July 1st, 2004, it has created a new ground of diagnosing and treating diseases by the traditional Chinese medicine; The Bluelight’s series products are completely different from other medical instruments in the market that can only treat diseases by heating, and they have totally eliminated the simplex low frequency pulse therapy. Hubei Bluelight makes people’s dream of curing diseases without medicine come true.


With the emergence of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus, it has solved the Chinese social problems of scarce medical resources and high cost for the people in the process of treating diseases. Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus makes the poor people such as the unemployed and blue-collar workers as well as their families pay less to cure their diseases; it makes the patients living in far and poor areas who lack medical resources no longer need to fight against diseases with their own bodies; it brings the happiness to the sub-healthy, salaried class and vulnerable groups; it makes the treatment time-saving with low cost; and it makes people enjoy health at home.


The pure Green Treatment without medicine and drug bags of Blueljght Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus has been accepted by the public soon: numerous Bluelight exclusive stores have been built up rapidly in many provinces, cities and towns in China; various hospitals, nursing homes, houses for retired leaders and clinics have fully applied it into clinical treatment that read The Guide of Applying to Bluelight for Health as a textbook and study it hard. As the Bluelight products sell well in the market, the feedback letters from the users all over the country come continuously in great number which record the joyful news from the patients cured by the Bluelight Apparatus, carry their deep love and endless thankfulness to Bluelight, and express their sincere wishes and hopes for Bluelight…… All these make the Bluelight staff feel very happy and proud: We can not only give our charity to all people to make contributions to the society, but also achieve our own careers to make a fortune at the same time, which is really worthy in life. Meanwhile, it makes the Bluelight Staff feel great responsibility with the long expectation and applause from the country fellows.


Health is not everything, but one cannot do anything without it. Basing on the social responsibility for people’s health, Bluelight catches up with the times to walk on the unique ways, bring in able people, make progress as well as independently innovate and develop the new product of the ninth generation Bluelight Apparatus that will soon come into market, which will bring you the new enjoyment of high technology.


A man who knows what is right or wrong first can mould his merits later; a society which knows what is glory and shame first can create the harmony later. It is the Bluelight staff’s persistent pursuit to enhance people’s life quality continuously. And “working hard to cure diseases and help the poor, being kind to all people” is the Bluelight staff’s eternal tenet. Facing the new century, opportunities co-exist with challenges; glories accompany dreams. For all people’s health, the Bluelight staff will be chaste and sincere in the future as always, and innovate to make the Bluelight’s grace spread everywhere and benefit the world!


(Translated by Zhang Minghui)

From The Preface of The Second Session of 100 Outstanding Articles Written by Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus Users in Hubei Province


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