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Cough therapeutic apparatus
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Cough therapeutic apparatus
 cough is not always a medical problem, although coughing can at times indicate the presence of some health condition or infection. Coughing is not really a condition in itself, but is simply a natural reflex to keep the throat and airways clear. When caused by some condition, then coughing is simply one of the many possible symptoms of that condition. At other times a cough may simply develop as a result of irritation to the throat or respiratory passages. Because of the frequency therapeutic apparatus with which we are afflicted with coughs and colds most people prefer using natural methods of treatment to deal with a regular cough. A severe, persistent cough or one that is accompanied by other symptoms should however be examined and investigated by a health care professional. Cough remedies for children, toddlers, babies and infants are particularly popular, because many over the counter drugs can be quite strong and are not ideally suited to frequent administration particularly in children. The same holds true for pregnant women, which is why there is a widespread usage of cough remedies for kids and cough remedies while pregnant for pregnant women.

A cough is not usually a threatening condition and will resolve naturally, but it can be troublesome, particularly when coughing at night keeps you up and prevents you from recuperating. This can lead to fatigue, irritability and exhaustion, serving to further weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness. While natural cough remedies may be extremely useful and can greatly help facilitate and hasten healing it should be kept in mind that even the best cough medicine will do no good if you do not take other measures to protect your throat and respiratory system. For example, if you were to try out a variety of sore throat remedies or dry cough remedies for a sore throat or cough, but continued smoking or spending time in an environment with a lot of smoke or pollution, the remedies would be of little effect. Likewise, some amount of caution needs to be exercised in terms of your diet as well.
It should be pointed out that a cough may be productive or dry. A productive cough would be one in which phlegm or sputum is present and such a cough helps to clear mucus from the lungs or respiratory passages. A cough suppressant should therefore never be used on a productive cough. Commonly used cold remedies or runny nose remedies and chest congestion remedies can however offer considerable relief and help clear the passages. In some cases however the cough may be extremely severe and the individual may even experience difficulty breathing, in which case therapeutic apparatus medical attention should be sought immediately. Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia or a whooping cough are just a few of the possible serious causes of a cough.
The air passages of the lungs are lined with cells secreting mucus, which normally traps particles of dust. When the membranes get infected and inflamed, the secretion of mucus increases and the lining of the air passages is irritated. Coughing is the action by which excess mucus is driven out.


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