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how to keep warm in winter
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Are you having trouble keeping warm inwinter? Read the steps below to learn how to keep warm no matter what time ofyear it is!


Candles give smoke, which can give warmth.Shut windows and use light. Shut all the windows in your room, turn off all thelights and light some candles. But if you don't want to risk a fire, candlesshould only be used to illuminate a room during winter and to createatmosphere.


Wear warm clothes. Wear two sweaters and alarge overcoat in case of severe cold. Wear socks on your feet. If you have aheater, turn it on.


Give yourself a blanket treatment. Take allthe blankets around your house, and if no one has any problem, pile them all upin your bed. Spread them over the bed, one on top of the other, get insidethem, and get warm!


Run ,dance, jump, hop, skip and roll untilyou sweat! Then jump constantly for two minutes, take a minute's break. Skipfor ten minutes, with a three minutes' break every two minutes. Go for a mile'swalk in the neighborhood. On the way, take your jump rope and hop about for awhile. All this ought to make you sweat!


Have warm food and drinks. Drink hotdrinks, like coffee. It makes you feel warm inside. Hot food, like grilledmeat, hot pizza, is tasty and warm, too. If you are hungry you will feel cold.Any food will help you feel warmer.


Stay in one place. Being in one place canmake the seat, bed, etc, quite warm, but only if you've been there for a longtime. (You might not be able to feel it, though. But someone else might.)


Go to Indoor Parties. Whether it's withfamily or friends, everyone's body heat can help warm you, along with others.You can also snuggle with people, it works!


Take hot baths. It's a nice way to relaxyour muscles, especially after a stressful day, and can warm you up in no time.If you really want to relax, add some candles and soothing music. Be sure todry off well afterwards.


Patch up the drafts. Prevent any cold aircoming into the house, or any hot air escaping the house. This helps saveenergy and money.


Sit by a fire. It can keep you warm! If itsa fireplace or a campfire you're sure to stay warm

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