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Three factors of Medical equipment result in Prostate Cancer
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Medical equipment It would erect naturally every morningbefore getting up in the past, but it seems not so firm as it used to be; Icould always take a whole sleep for all night, but now I have to get up atmidnight to the bathroom as I am old ... The prostate cancer, a common diseasewhich entangles western men, has gotten an increased frequency of occurrenceamong the eastern people in recent years.


In theSeptember 18 reports of the Associated Press, the experts from Santa MonicaProstate Cancer Foundation, Californiapointed out that prostate cancer now holds a high frequency of occurrence inglobal males, probably because they may overlook some details in life:


The menabove 50 years old despise the physical examination. Cancer will not come downon our bodies for one day. When his wife advises her husband should begin anannual medical examination from the age of 50, the husband must accept thisadvice. The prostate cancer is such a disease that can be cured as earlier asit is discovered earlier, so we must adhere to the physical examination.


medical equipment High-fat diet andsedentariness. The cancer expert Dr. Brian Moran from Chicago Prostate Cancer Research Center said “In the past,Asians held a very low probability of suffering from prostate cancer, but nowtheir probability is almost the same with us. We think that this is caused bythe modern people’s habits of eating high-fat foods and sedentariness.” Thestudy has confirmed that the lack of exercises and unhealthy diet may induceprostate cancer.


Ignoringearly symptoms: The early symptoms of prostate cancer are not obvious. The mostprominent is frequent urinating at night and urinative pain with a burningfeeling; frequent erectile dysfunction when making sex, pain of ejaculation,bloody semen; and frequent pain or stiffness of the lumbar, buttocks and thighroots. These genital symptoms are not caused by natural recession. The maleshould consider taking a systematic examination as the symptoms appearfrequently.


medicalequipment The urological expert Eric Klein from American Cleveland Hospital pointed out thatabout 90% of the prostate cancer cases are discovered in the stage of partialmorbidity, and the cure rate is nearly 100% five years later. Therefore, it maynot only cure the disease, but also can ensure a normal sexual life withoutsperm injection that we go to see an experienced doctor to make a definitediagnosis of the disease. 

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