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The appropriate sleeping position
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Ingeneral the desirable sleeping position is halfway on the side because you canrelax more with better blood flow. However, it is always the best as long asyou feel comfortable. Old Chinese saying used to describe proper gesture onkungfu masters: "Sit like a giant bell in the temple, stand upright asfirm as a pine tree, lie down like a sleeping buddha, and walk to carry withair circulate around" . The pros and cons of various positions follow.

1 On the back

Thesupine position is a typical sleeping position when one is extremly tired ordrunk. In this position, saliva can easily fall into the trachea, likely tocause snoring, choking, or even stagnation in breathing. Without providingproper conducive for the lungs, there could be bad effects to the respiratoryfunction. Therefore, changing to a different position after a period of time ismore desirable.


2 On the stomach

Sleepinglike a baby on the tummy is good for those who often drool. However, the chestcan feel oppressed, not healthy in the long run. The drawback is it may affectblood flow, heart beat and breathing. Traditional Chinese Medicine alwaysencourages people to ensure a good respiratory condition to sleep.


3Curling up the body

Sleepingwith a curled body is a bad sleeping position. It is harmful to your back andneck. According to researches, 20% of the back or neck pain problem is due topoor sleeping position. Traditional Chinese Medicine always suggests people tokeep their back and neck straight while sitting, standing or lying down.Without straightening the back for 6 plus hours is not healthy. This positionshould be avoided.


4Arm under the head

Thissleep position is unconscious. You may be thinking too much on bed putting thearm under the head, but unwittingly fell asleep. You will wake up to find nofeeling at all in the arm from shoulder to fingers. Hiding the arm under thehead motionless for hours will cause compression on nerves along the arm. Thiscan lead to paralysis of the forearm, wrist and fingers. Furthermore, thisposition also jeopardizes blood circulation. Upon deep in sleep, because we arenot aware of the situation to make an adjustment, we can quickly enter a periodof paralysis. So it is important not to make it a habit to use your arm as thepillow.


5Sleeping on the side

Sleepingsideway will put the full body weight on your arm and leg on one side. At thebeginning you may not feel anything wrong. But when it became a habit, problemssuch as blood stasis will arise. Experts studied 2,000 cerebral infarctionpatients and found that more than 95% have a habit of sleeping sideway. Forthose who have atherosclerosis will increase the barriers on blood flow,particularly on the neck, and can easily cause artery injury. To avoid therisk, it is better to sleep on half side and switch to a supine position fromtime to time.

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