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How to Lose Weight Fast!
Kinds:Bluelight Encyclopedia   Time:24/11/2012   By:Tracy Wu

What is the Fastest Way to LoseWeight?

As an avid reader of all things fitness, I keep studyingdifferent weight training and fitness routines. One of the programs that I kepthearing about was the Fat Burning Furnace system, which is being touted as themost effective and fastest way to lose weight. Not impressed with just reviewson the Internet, I decided to look at it myself, and see whether it reallylives up to its “Fifteen Minute Miracle System” hype. Here’s my no-holdsbarred  Fat Burning Furnace review.

 Fat Burning FurnaceReview

What I got was an eBook with almost 180 pages of content init. The Fat Burning Furnace is the creation of Rob Poulos, who himself lostaround 42 pounds of body fatusing techniques from his own system. So we know he’s teaching what has alreadyworked for him, and not some theory he simply copied from others. Firstimpression: Good!

 Theinitial sections of the eBook clear up a few popular myths in weight training(like, did you know sit-ups and crunches are not the fastest way to lose weight or geta six pack. Bet you didn’t know that!). It talks a bit about total fitness, aconcept that goes beyond weight loss and how it benefits every aspect of yourlife. For me, it’s a pleasant change from other fitness programs I’ve seen asmost of them only focus on the physical part of the workout.

Frommy own experience, both males and females can do almost any exercise. And theFat Burning Furnace system vouches for it-it works for men and women, andirrespective of their age.

Oneof the main talking points of this product is why we should focus on fat lossinstead of weight loss, and I absolutely agree with it! Without going too muchtechnical, muscle weighs more than fat and when you do the exercisesrecommended in this system or any other, you’ll replace your body fat with leanmuscle, and hence your weight will probably not vary too much. But what it alsomeans is you’ll be shedding more fat (which is a good thing!) as muscle aidsfaster metabolism in the body.


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