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Massage for Pain Control
Kinds:Knowledge   Time:08/12/2012   By:Tracy Wu

Massage is a very effective technique forcontrolling pain. How does it work? There are number of ways massage may helpin controlling pain.


Massage confuses the body's pain signals.


Rubbing may interfere with pain signals'pathways to your brain, a process called the "gate control theory,"according to experts. Pain impulses run toward the spinal cord and then up thecord and into the brain. It's only when they reach the brain that theseimpulses, are perceived as pain. When you rub, it sends other impulses alongthe same nerves. When all these impulses try to reach the brain through nerves,the nerves get clogged like a highway during morning rush hour. The result?Most of them won't reach the brain. And if the pain signals does not reach thebrain, you won't feel pain. Thus massage works by 'closing the gate' that painimpulses have to pass through.


Massage also calls up the body's naturalpainkillers.


It stimulates the release of endorphins,the morphine-like substances that the body manufactures, into the brain andnervous system.


Massage provides deep relaxation


It relieves muscle tension, spasm, andstiffness. All of these contribute to pain. Experts suggest that tense musclesare usually deprived of oxygen, because the tightness reduces blood circulationto the area. Massage improves blood circulation, bringing with it what themuscle needs-oxygen and other forms of nourishment. The muscle then relaxes,and pain decreases.


Massage relieves mental stress and anxiety.


Massage is providing the benefit by thetherapeutic value of touching that helps a person in pain. Research shows thateven touch lasting for less than 1 second has the ability to make people feelbetter. Obviously, an hour-long touch provided by massage has to make you feelgood!


What Types of Pain Can Massage Help?


Massage can help any pain originating frommuscle tension: example - head, back, neck, and shoulder pain are all canbenefit from massage. Releasing tightness and tension in muscles is the mostobvious effect of a good massage.


Massage also is beneficial for relievingpain associated with arthritis, injuries, or even recent surgery

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