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Four System for Foot Health
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1.The Urinary System: the kidney, ureters,bladders, urethras. It takes the functions of excreting toxic substances fromthe body, regulating the metabolism of water and salt, maintaining balance ofacid and alkali and keeping the physical environment in the body relativelystable.

The kidney has also thefunction of producing bioactive substances, such as erythropoietin and reninetc. Therefore, it is the most important and fundamental reflection region.

2.The Immune System: the lymph in the upper and lower body,the chest lymph, the spleen, tonsils, the thymus. It excludes invaded bodiesfrom the outside and swallows bacteria to strengthen the body's immunity,
 which is a bodyguard of the health.

3.The Endocrine System: the hypophysis, the attachedthyroid, the thyroid, the adrenal gland, the gonad and so on. It bears thesecretion and regulation of all kinds of various trace elements and hormonesfor the entire body, and organizes the neurohumoral fluid and the conditioningsystem with the mutual regulation and restriction of the nervous systemfunctions.

It plays a regulatoryrole in the important functions of the body, such as metabolism, growth,development and reproduction.

4.The Motion System: cervical vertebrae, thoracicvertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacral vertebrae, coccyx, and so on. Itconstitutes the basic contours of human beings with the functions of movement,protection of the internal organs and supporting the body.


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